S1E0 – Series Intro

The Key to Caerwyn

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With her family facing the illness of her new-born brother, Abby turns to an imaginary friend for solace. Aeoli, a princess from the Kingdom of Caerwyn, weaves stories of a prince stolen away from his kingdom and threads tales of the machinations of the King’s rebellious first officer. As Abby’s family begins to crumble in the wake of her brother’s illness, Abby becomes increasingly determined to seek out the King of Caerwyn and petition him to help her brother. However, in order to reach the king, Abby must reunite Aeoli with her kidnapped brother, find the key to the door between their worlds, and help them return to Caerwyn. As the lines between reality and fantasy begin to converge, Abby embarks on a perilous and fantastical quest to open the door between the two worlds at any cost. However, opening the door to Caerwyn will cost Abby and her family much more than she realizes.

The Key to Caerwyn is, by turns, a gritty realism story, fantasy and horror as Abbey moves through her own disheartening life and a parallel reality, attempting to solve the riddle that will save her brother. 

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