Dear reader,

We, the editors of this (ad hoc) “book” did not publish this work willingly. We cobbled it together in haste, abjuring syntax and graceful prose for the crude, concise chronicle you now hold in your hands.

Regrettably, this text exists imperatively for reasons which will become clear to you as you work through the deviatory plot. We apologize in advance for subjecting you to the grim story related herein.

To put it briefly: we’ve lost all the villains, and what few heroes we started out with. They’re gone, thrashing about in the real world somewhere and wreaking chaos. We require a reader to trudge through the convoluted threads of narrative to bring them to their natural conclusion. Having picked up the book, the job might as well fall to yourself as to any other.

It won’t be that horrifying. Probably.

The editors

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