Welcome to Shifterspress Collective

ShiftersPress Creative Collective had its inception in 2009 when we began work on our first project, the Shifters trilogy. The SP collective is a family run group in which all members of the team bring together their skills to develop creative works of many types, genres and platforms. All of our works are accomplished in-house, from inception to finished product.

Our Creative Collective brings a large number of skills and abilities to the table including writing, graphic arts, photography, informational technology, editing, design, artwork, and website design among others. Over the years, each member has worked to further develop their skills and talents in their chosen portfolio. We are in the process of expanding our site to include other creative portfolios such as metal work, sewing and clothing design, multimedia artwork, gardening, and culinary skills.

Updates on the ShiftersPress Creative Collective projects can be found through our fb page.


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Shifters Series


Shifters Horizons Book Cover
Shifters Horizons Book Cover

When Elly meets Ethan, she discovers a world in which her “freak-of-nature” talents are actually valued skills–ones sought after by the leader of the chaeli, making Elly his latest target.  Ethan, Liam, and Theo try to protect Elly from the chaeli attacks, but despite their best efforts, Elly finds herself in the midst of an all-out battle to the death.  It’s when she finds herself held captive with a sword at her throat that Elly realizes she will have to use her new-found skills to come up with a plan to save them all.

Discover a place where two worlds meet and time shifts.


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Winding Roads

Nothing is the same for Elly after her return from eiliff mors. With Ethan gone and the chaeli seemingly defeated, Elly struggles to return to a normal life—until Caleb shows up.

Wanting to defect from the chaeli, Caleb warns Elly and Liam that their enemies may not be as powerless as they had thought. Trying to stay one step ahead of the chaeli, Liam takes Elly back to his former home to retrieve some long-hidden items, but what they discover there is beyond anything they were prepared for.

Elly and Liam return home with more questions than answers and no closer to solving the mystery of who—or what—is trying to capture Elly. In a desperate bid to uncover the enemy’s plot before it’s too late, Liam and Elly look to Caleb and his band of chaeli defectors.

But is Caleb truly there to help?

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Coming Home

Following her narrow escape from Cillian, Elly recovers at the Thane home despite the risks she faces there. What she discovers about herself and Ethan during that time challenges her resolve more than any battle ever could. If Elly is to fulfill her duty to her new world, she will have to leave the Thanes and take her position beside Cillian—the very person trying to kill her. With the fate of both humans and cians hanging in the balance, Elly scrambles to find a solid footing amidst the uncertain and dangerous game Cillian is playing.

Ethan is powerless to help and Cillian’s forces are mounting. Elly turns to the only person still outside of Cillian’s control: Ricco—a chaeli officer who believes the only good cian is a dead one.

In order to save her world and Ethan’s, Elly will have to come to terms with who she is, and a destiny she cannot escape—a destiny she may not survive.

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Dear reader,

We, the editors of this (ad hoc) “book” did not publish this work willingly. We cobbled it together in haste, abjuring syntax and graceful prose for the crude, concise chronicle you now hold in your hands.

Regrettably, this text exists imperatively for reasons which will become clear to you as you work through the deviatory plot. We apologize in advance for subjecting you to the grim story related herein.

To put it briefly: we’ve lost all the villains, and what few heroes we started out with. They’re gone, thrashing about in the real world somewhere and wreaking chaos. We require a reader to trudge through the convoluted threads of narrative to bring them to their natural conclusion. Having picked up the book, the job might as well fall to yourself as to any other.

It won’t be that horrifying. Probably.

The editors