The Collective

Welcome to the ShiftersPress Creative Collective

ShiftersPress Creative Collective had its inception in 2009 when we began work on our first project, the Shifters trilogy. The SP collective is a family run group in which all members of the team bring together their skills to develop creative works of many types, genres and platforms. All of our works are accomplished in-house, from inception to finished product.

Our Creative Collective brings a large number of skills and abilities to the table including writing, graphic arts, photography, informational technology, editing, design, artwork, and website design among others. Over the years, each member has worked to further develop their skills and talents in their chosen portfolio. We are in the process of expanding our site to include other creative portfolios such as metal work, sewing and clothing design, multimedia artwork, gardening, and culinary skills.

Meet the Collective

Wendy Fehr

  • Author of the Shifters Series, Horizons, Winding Roads, Coming Home.  Co-author of Key To Caerwyn (with Sarina Fehr) and Read This Quickly (with Mason Fehr).  Wendy is also the author of many other works to come.
  • Social Media authoring
  • Book marketing
  • Editing
  • Concept art
  • Sewing

Stuart Fehr

  • Publishing
  • Web page design and maintenance
  • Desktop publishing
  • General IT
  • Book design
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • Landscaping, construction and carpentry

Mason Fehr

  • Co-author of Read This Quickly (with Wendy Fehr)
  • Book cover design and graphics
  • Web graphics
  • Editing
  • Blacksmithing and metal-work

Sarina Fehr

  • Author of Key To Caerwyn (with Wendy Fehr)
  • Illustrating
  • Editing
  • Gardening
  • Sewing
  • Knitting

Clarissa Fehr

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Artwork
  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Fashion

Callan Fehr

  • Author of works to come
  • IT support assistant
  • Photography
  • Web design
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