Hello and welcome to Shifterspress Radio!

Shifterspress Radio is a podcast of original works of fiction brought to you by Shifterspress.

First up from Shifterspress Radio:  Key To Caerwyn by Wendy Fehr.

Key To Caerwyn is a genre-spanning story that follows Abbey as she experiences the pain and anxiety of a sick baby brother, a less than perfect family and seemingly imaginary friends (and foes) who may or may not be there to help her.  By turns the story is gritty realism, fantasy and horror as Abbey moves through her own disheartening life and a parallel reality, attempting to solve the riddle that will save her brother.  She will encounter the threads of some long-ago tragedy, fairies, a sympathetic princess, and a dark man who watches Abby and her family with an unknown intent.  Everything revolves around a key and a doorway to another world where there are kings and queens who just might be able to help.

Listen now!
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