The Light Attendant Now Available!

We have completed our work early and have decided to go ahead with a “soft launch” of our work! 

The Light Attendant: A Canadian Bluebird Novel

You can order your paperback or eBook Here! 



Proof copies now in!

So exciting to finally hold a copy of the book!

The Light Attendant: A Canadian Bluebird Novel Part I

Our Advanced Readers are getting an early start on the story. It will be available to everyone on March 18th, 2022.

For those of you who can’t wait, you can pre-order your eCopy here: The Light Attendant: A Canadian Bluebird Novel.

Coming March 18th, 2022.

The Light Attendant: A Canadian Bluebird Novel – story origin

We are diligently working on our latest project: The Light Attendant: A Canadian Bluebird Novel (working title). The story follows a Canadian Nurse through her experiences in Wold War I and the pandemic of 1918. The book has been a long time in the making and I am thrilled to see the project in its final phase.

Concept Artwork by Clarissa Fehr

This story actually began as an anecdote told by one of the characters in our first trilogy: Horizons, Winding Roads, and Coming Home, initially published in 2014. I had long been interested in World War I and the Spanish Influenza pandemic which followed at the end of the war in 1918. As a result, I used that bit of history in one of my character’s background stories in Coming Home, never knowing it would go on to become so much more. (For those of you familiar with Coming Home, you might just recognize the “guest appearance” by two of the characters as they help out in our new book.) Continue reading “The Light Attendant: A Canadian Bluebird Novel – story origin”

The Making of a Cover

I knew exactly what I wanted for the cover of The Light Attendant and The Bluebird which is why I knew it would be a challenge to put such a cover together. The concept involved an actual human in the picture. Beyond that, said person would need to be wearing a Canadian World War I army-issued nursing uniform.

Tall order.

That sort of original image could not be fashioned by sitting at a computer, no matter how many hours one spent doing it. At least, it was not something any of our team could conjure digitally. Continue reading “The Making of a Cover”

Winter Beauty

Nature’s beauty can be found anywhere – even in the middle of the frozen Saskatchewan prairies. Here are some winter pictures taken by Clarissa. Enjoy!

Picture by Clarissa Fehr
Picture by Clarissa Fehr
Picture by Clarissa Fehr
Picture by Clarissa Fehr
Picture by Clarissa Fehr

Metaphor for life

falling down barn

Observed recently on Township Road 360 nearly halfway through a long ride on a warm and windy day.

falling down barn
falling down


Coming as it did while pushing through a section of road with deep, deep soul-sucking gravel.

deep bicycle tire tracks in a soft gravel road
pushing through


It seemed to me that this was much like my life.  In these times and in this place, this is what one might feel like.

But it never lasts long (relatively speaking).

This was what I saw near the end of my ride.  Had already left the gravel behind and was riding on nice, smooth and newer secondary highway.  I had the wind at my back.

boarded up small church


It’s boarded up now, but at one time it must have been a sanctuary on the prairies.  I like to imagine that this was at a time, maybe not unlike the times we are now experiencing, when buildings like this offered shelter and refuge and solace.

Like I said, it was near the end of my ride.


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