The Making of a Cover

I knew exactly what I wanted for the cover of The Light Attendant and The Bluebird which is why I knew it would be a challenge to put such a cover together. The concept involved an actual human in the picture. Beyond that, said person would need to be wearing a Canadian World War I army-issued nursing uniform.

Tall order.

That sort of original image could not be fashioned by sitting at a computer, no matter how many hours one spent doing it. At least, it was not something any of our team could conjure digitally.

And so, we brainstormed our problem, formed a plan, and dug in to the work.

The first order of business was the costume. I researched old photos and settled on the aspects of what we needed. We had to make this – without a pattern…

Canadian War Museum (

We started as one would: with a trip to the thrift store.

We found aprons and a shirt for our starting point.

One Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I set about our work. We took a couple of wrong turns, but we are knowledgeable in the use of seam-rippers and made revisions as we went.

Highly technical measurements (we guessed).
It’s coming together. (we revised)

And this is what we wound up with:

Final costume

Next step: the photo session, some graphic design by our artist in residence, and a grand reveal of the cover.

Stay tuned!

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