Thanksgiving day Ginger Cookies

October 11, 2021

Today is Thanksgiving, and we are wrapping up a weekend of cooking, harvesting produce, and eating plenty of turkey and pumpkin pie. I decided to make these chewy ginger molasses cookies this Thanksgiving Monday to add a little spice to the week ahead.

Chewy ginger cookies

I have been experimenting with a few different ginger cookie recipes over the years, but I’ve settled on this one from Taste of Home (found here). If you are looking for a thin, chewy molasses cookie then you won’t find it here. As the title suggests, these cookies are soft, fudgy, and don’t spread very much, which is exactly the way I like them. In terms of flour, 2 ¼ C gave a very dry dough. I have made a note to reduce this to 2 C for next time.

For the spices, I reduced the ginger to 1 tsp for a milder flavour, increased the cinnamon to 1 tsp, and substituted the cloves for ½ tsp of allspice. This combination gave a nice flavour that was not too spicy.

These cookies are simple to make and great for afternoon tea (or as a follow-up to leftover turkey and mashed potatoes…). I especially love them in the fall and early winter months. Perhaps they will make it onto the holiday baking trays this year.

– Clarissa

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