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A Rock


What do you think of?

I think of the seas

I think of the sands and the wind in the trees

I think of you people, your worries, your strife

I think about dust,

And I think about life

What do you know?

I know of time, and of waiting for rain

I know of the ancients, of love and of pain

I know of your heart, it is cold, like us

I know of life,

And I know of dust.

Why are you here?

I am, for I think, and I think, for I know

I am like the winds, the rain and the snow

I am for you, and I am for us

I am for life

I am for dust

Where will you go?

Nowhere, I think, for the best of us

cannot see past the black edge of the dusk

The question is not where we’re going, so trust

Your heart is life,

though you are dust.

Way up high

By Sarina Fehr