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Download Shifters: Horizons FREE!!!

Free downloadI am giving away full version downloads of Shifters Part I: Horizons!  This page will remain active for a limited time during which the complete version of the novel may be downloaded in a number of formats.

Click on one of the links below to download the most appropriate format for your device/reader.  In most cases, your device will suggest an App to read the file in.  For example, if you choose ePub, your iPhone will suggest that you open the file in iBooks.  Similarly, if you choose mobi, your device will suggest that you read the novel in Kindle (as long as the App has been downloaded). If all else fails, try the PDF.

HorizonsWinding Roads, and Coming Home can be found on kobo, ibooks, kindle, smashwords, and (click the icons in the sidebar).  Copies of these books can also be purchased at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon.

Shifters:  Coming Home now Available for Purchase

Free Download Formats


Download the ePub version if you want to read the novel in iBooks, Nook and Kobo.


Download the mobi version is you want to read the novel in Kindle.


Download the pdf version if you want to read the novel formatted for printing.


Shifters-horizons (epub)
Shifters-horizons (epub)
444.0 KiB
Shifters-horizons (mobi)
Shifters-horizons (mobi)
1.1 MiB
Shifters-horizons (pdf)
Shifters-horizons (pdf)
938.1 KiB


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