Shifters: Coming Home

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Following her narrow escape from Cillian, Elly recovers at the Thane home despite the risks she faces there. What she discovers about herself and Ethan during that time challenges her resolve more than any battle ever could. If Elly is to fulfill her duty to her new world, she will have to leave the Thanes and take her position beside Cillian—the very person trying to kill her. With the fate of both humans and cians hanging in the balance, Elly scrambles to find a solid footing amidst the uncertain and dangerous game Cillian is playing.

Ethan is powerless to help and Cillian’s forces are mounting. Elly turns to the only person still outside of Cillian’s control: Ricco—a chaeli officer who believes the only good cian is a dead one.

In order to save her world and Ethan’s, Elly will have to come to terms with who she is, and a destiny she cannot escape—a destiny she may not survive.


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