Wendy Fehr

Wendy Profiel PicI’m supposed to write an introduction for myself—you know, a brief paragraph or two about who I am. Really, I don’t need that much space. I’ve been married for a long time, we have four children, I work as a Nurse Practitioner and, well, that’s about it. I’m probably much like any woman you pass in the grocery store or see shepherding her kid through some activity or another. I’m sure we all have our own mental playground we retreat to, the only difference for me is: I wrote mine down. I’ve been working on Shifters in my “spare time” for a very long while. Writing has been my mental escape from course work, work, and the insanity of having four kids. It’s sort of like the background noise in my head. Frankly, if it hangs together in any fashion having been written amidst the chaos I call life I’ll be a little surprised. I hope this works…

Mason Fehr

IMG_6411.JPGMason Fehr is currently developing prop-making skills including blacksmithing, welding, leather work, and metal work. He is also pursuing an Art degree at the University of Saskatchewan on a part-time basis. Mason recently  took a term off to travel to New Zealand.

Mason hopes to work in the film industry in props production but also has strong skills with respect to the technical aspects of the industry having written, produced, and edited his own films.

Sarina Fehr

IMG_9023Sarina Fehr recently graduated high school and began her first term at the University of Saskatchewan. She has a strong command of the sciences and will be pursuing these interests through her studies. Sarina is currently taking some time off from her studies to travel to New Zealand.

Sarina is an avid reader. She has also written extensively in her younger years. She hopes to pursue a career in writing. Sarina also draws and paints.

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