Shifters: Horizons

CoverEllyPt1-3Elly is the only one who has the skills to save two races of people and she doesn’t even know it—but her enemies do.  Elly has never fit in with her peers. She finds out why when she meets Ethan and discovers a world in which her “freak-of-nature talents” are actually valued skills—ones sought after by the leader of the chaeli, making Elly his latest target. Ethan and Liam try to protect Elly from the chaeli attacks but, despite their best efforts, Elly finds herself in the midst of an all-out battle to the death—with swords. It’s when she finds herself held captive with a sword at her throat that Elly realizes she will have to use her “freakishness” to come up with a plan to save them all.

Shifters Series - Horizons (Chapter 1)
Shifters Series - Horizons (Chapter 1)
Shifters Series - Horizons, Chapter 1.pdf
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